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Friday, July 6, 2018

Wrecking Crew

Wrecking Crew blends its nearly century’s worth of experience to bring an exciting & unique sound. Combining musical tastes with everything from Johnny Cash to the Eagles & Guns ‘n’ Roses to Elvis, Wrecking Crew has quickly become a crowd favorite wherever they go. Playing for a variety of public, private & corporate events across the Midwest from street dances to casinos, Wrecking Crew has even been selected as the L.M.A. 2018 Artist of the Year. With all members offering great vocals, the ‘Crew features Lee Mattfield on drums, Orrin Holmbeck, lead guitar, Randy Bye on rhythm and bassist/keyboard player Sarah Holmbeck fronting the band. Holmbeck has been wowing crowds with her vocal talents for 25 years and was chosen to perform the National Anthem at the CINCH Boyd Gaming Chute Out at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas just a few months ago. Thrilled to be playing in their hometown, ladies and gentlemen you’re in for a treat - Wrecking Crew is here to entertain you!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sushi Roll

Formed in early 2012, Sushi Roll quickly perfected their unique blend of high-energy dance music and rock 'n' roll swagger and topped it off with memorable stage costumes! Founded by music industry vets and fronted by two of the most mesmerizing young lead singers in Chicago, they easily transition between revved-up versions of your favorite pop and rock hits by artists like Bruno Mars, Rick Springfield, Lady Gaga, Nelly, AC/DC, P!nk, Neon Tree's and the Jackson 5–connecting them into one a non-stop musical journey that is perfect for casinos, fairs, festivals, corporate and private events, fundraisers and showcase venues. Sushi Roll’s mass appeal crosses all genres and appeals to all ages.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Little Texas

Currently, the lineup’s on the concert circuit celebrating its official 24th year on the radio since their first single, "Some Guys Have All The Love," hit the airwaves in 1991. The music the band has generated over the years is timeless, and has been featured on hundreds of television programs and sporting events including Good Morning America, American Idol, Don't Forget The Words, America's Got Talent & HBO's "True Blood," while "God Blessed Texas" has been the theme music for the Texas Ford Dealers commercials since 1998.

This year, Little Texas is breaking new sonic ground with the release of their 8th album, Young For A Long Time. Undoubtedly the band has never sounded more confident, as the chorus of the titular lead off track proudly declares, “Don’t you know by now we’ve got this down / That Friday night fire still hasn’t gone out / We got a rock solid life and a rock n’ roll state of mind / We were born to run / So sit down, son / We’ll show you just how it’s done / ‘Cause we’ve been young for a long time.” The musicianship has only improved with age as well with Porter Howell truly coming into his own as the band’s lead vocalist in addition to his dazzling lead guitar work, and backed by the always solid playing of drummer Del Gray. “Young For A Long Time pretty much runs the gamut of everything we’ve ever done, plus takes us down some new roads as well,” Propes continues, “the vocals are there, the guitar work is there, the party songs are there, the ‘make you cry’ love songs, the songs about Texas. We even dive off into swamp rock and torch music, so each song has a totally different fuel behind it.”

“The four of us appreciate each other and still have a ball on stage,” says drummer Gray of the band’s chemistry on stage after all this time. “There is a comfort level that happens to us when we play together that can only happen with 20-something years of experience.”