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Friday, July 12, 2019

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Band has been around since 1998. There is no limit to what the band can throw out to an audience (well except maybe some hard core girl singer songs, and even then, they might give it a try). From blazing country fiddle tunes and current country radio hits to Chicago Blues and get your heart pumping Classic and 80's/90's Rock. These boys will get it done.

The Great Outdoors travels mostly in the Upper Midwest region spreading their brand of party atmosphere entertainment. They love performing in clubs, fairs and festivals all around North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and Wyoming. The group has also been known to travel as far south as New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. No place is too far.

The Great Outdoors has shared the stage with many national acts including Sawyer Brown, Neil McCoy, Billy Dean, Little Texas, Josh Gracin, Casey Donahough Band and many more.

The band has been a regular in Sturgis, SD for the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally every year since 2012. Every night they appear at the same campsite they call home during the rally, The Iron Horse Campground. They also perform throughout the rally in town at the Sidehack Saloon in the afternoons. Double gigging like old time road dogs. Some of the other many venues/events The Great Outdoors has had the privilege to perform include world famous Grizzly Rose in Denver, CO, The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, WY, the North Dakota State Fair, and The Cowboy Bar in Cheyenne, WY.

No matter where The Great Outdoors perform, it is obvious that the boys love their jobs. The enjoyment they get from playing their brand of music translates to the crowd. Let it be known, a good time will be had by all.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Dweebs

The Dweebs family band featuring Michael Blue, his two sons and his daughter bring an interactive, unique and adaptable show that is perfect for your free stage, beer gardens or main stage entertainment. Colorful costumes, crazy stage antics, and lots of crowd participation are all a staple at any Dweeb performance along with listening to all your favorite hits from the 60's til today. With over 30 years in the music industry, The Dweebs continue to bring the party wherever they go.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Confeterate Railroad

Confederate Railroad first rolled onto the national country music scene in the early 90s with its unique style and sound. Headed by founder and frontman Danny Shirley, the former backup band for both David Allan Coe and Johnny Paycheck got their big break by signing with Atlantic Records. The first single from their debut album ("Confederate Railroad") was "She Took It Like A Man". It went to No. 26, a preview of what was to come. "The next two singles, "Jesus and Mama" and "Queen of Memphis" went to the top of the charts. Three more huge hits followed, "Trashy Women", "When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back", and "She Never Cried". "Trashy" would lead to a Grammy nomination and become their signature song. That album with six hits and nearly three million sales brought Confederate the Academy of Country Music's Best New Group Award in 1993 as well as numerous nominations from the Country Music Association and the British Country Music Foundation.

The second album, "Notorious", produced one of the group's most popular songs "Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind" which became a No. One video as well. "Elvis and Andy" and "Summer in Dixie" would further establish the Railroad as one of the most versatile acts in the business. This album would sell more than one million. Their overal totals are 18 charted hits and five million albums sold.

From rowdy country to raw emotion, a Confederate Railroad concert today covers a wide range of feelings. Young people will be there rocking to "Trashy Women", while their parents and even grandparents will likely be singing along to "Jesus and Mama". The band plays 100 or so dates each year. Whatever the venue, they are right at home…be it a fair, a club, or a biker show. Shirley, the lead singer and vocalist, and his mates, Mark Dufresne on drums, Mo Thaxton on bass and vocals, Rusty Hendrix on lead guitar and Joey Recker on keyboards and vocals are obviously having fun right along with their appreciative audience. At the end of each show, the band stays around until every fan who wants an autograph, or to pose with the group for a picture or just say "hello" is taken care of.